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Operating and Maintenance Instructions

 Operating and Maintenance Instructions            
Diaphragm Replacement

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Product range Overview Valves, Measurement & Control Systems
Products for pharma, food and biotech   

Electrical Position Indicator

Electrical position indicator 4242 combi switchbox 

Field Bus Systems

GEMÜ 4112 eControl field bus gateway



High Purity Products

Clean Star, PFA valves Pure Plus, PVDF and PP High Purity valves
Flare Star, PFA fittings Tube Star                      
Hydra Line, PFA pressure measurement systems                        C38 SonicLine, flowmeters

Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

2/2 way valve bodies M600 multi-port valves (Please contact our office or your local representation)
GEMÜ 651 with integrated automation module M600 specification
B600 tank valves Valves for sterile applications
B600 specification             M600 Multi-Port Valve Film  

Positioners & Control Valves

GEMÜ positioners and process controllers Globe valve specification
Globe and control valves Globe Valves for Steam
Clean Steam Globe Valves Control Valves

Industrial Valves

Complete Catalog Introduction to 620 Series
Company Introduction 620 Actuators - 2.5" to 12"
Part Numbering System Straightway Valve Introduction
Weir Style Valve Introduction Straightway Technical Data
Weir Style Bodies Straightway Bodies
Weir Style Diaphragms Straightway Diaphragms
Weir Style Bonnets Straightway Body Dimensions
Weir Style Technical Data Straightway Diaphragm Dimensions
687 Composite Actuator Data Valve Accessories
695 Composite Actuator Data Maintenance
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Certificates and Approvals

Electrial Position Indicator

Examination Certificate ATEX 1205  
Examination Certificate ATEX 1211  
Examination Certificate ATEX 1231  


Changing Diaphragms MG 10-300

Changing Diaphragms MG 8

Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 13 Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 6A

Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 16

Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 52
Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 17 Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 5A
Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 3A Diaphragm Certificate EPDM 5E
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Data Sheets

Butterfly Valves Plastic

Type 410 Plastic Pneumatically Operated Type 423 Plastic Motorized
Type 417 Plastic Manually Operated Return To Top Of Page

Butterfly Valves Metal

Type 411 Metal Manually Operated Type 428 Metal Motorized
Type 415 Metal Pneumatically Operated Return To Top Of Page

Globe Valves

Type 312 Pneumatically Operated Type 532 Pneumatically Operated
Type 314 Pneumatically Operated Type 534 Pneumatically Operated

Type 342/344 Motorized

Type 537 Pneumatically Operated
Type 352/354 Pneumatically Operated Type 548 Motorized
Type 505 Manually Operated Type 550 Pneumatically Operated
Type 507 Manually Operated Type 552 Pneumatically Operated

Type 512 Pneumatically Operated

Type 554 Pneumatically Operated
Type 514 Pneumatically Operated Type 555 Pneumatically Operated

Type 520 Pneumatically Operated

Type 558 Motor Operated
Type 530 Pneumatically Operated Type 560 Pneumatically Operated
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Control Valves

Type 563 Plastic Type 568 Metal
Type 566 Metal Return To Top Of Page

High Purity Valves

Type 600 Pneumatically Operated Type 677 Manually Operated
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CleanStar PFA Valves

Type C60 Pneumatically operated

Type C67 Manually Operated                          

C60/C70 HPW 3/5 Way PFA Type iComline
Type Smartline  
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Diaphragm Valves

Configuration Selection Sheet Type 650TL Metal Pneumatically Operated
Sample Bottle Type 651 Metal Pneumatically Operated
Type 600 Plastic Pneumatically Operated Type 653 Metal Manually Operated
Type 601 Metal Manually Operated Type 654 Metal Manually Operated
Type 602 Metal Manually Operated Type 658 Two Stage Actuator Metal
Type 605 Metal Pneumatically Operated Type 660 Metal Pneumatically Operated
Type 610 Plastic Manually Operated Type 667 Plastic Pneumatically Operated
Type 611 Metal Manually Operated Type 671 Metal Manually Operated
Type 612 Metal Manually Operated Type 673 Metal Manually Operated
Type 613 Plastic Motorized

Type 675 Metal Manually Operated

Type 615 Metal Pneumatically Operated

Type 677 Plastic Manually Operated

Type 617 Plastic Manually Operated Type R677 Plastic Pneumatically Operated
Type 618 Metal Motorized

Type 687 Metal Pneumatically Operated

Type 620 Metal Pneumatically Operated

Type 688 Two Stage Actuator Metal

Type 625 Metal Pneumatically Operated

Type 690 Plastic Pneumatically Operated

Type 635 Metal Pneumatically Operated

Type R690 Plastic Pneumatically Operated

Type 643 Metal Manually Operated

Type 693 Plastic Motorized

Type 650 Metal Pneumatically Operated

Type 695 Metal Pneumatically Operated

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Solenoid Valves

Type 52 Plastic Solenoid
Type 322 Plastic Pilot Solenoid Type 102 Plastic Solenoid
Type 324 Plastic Pilot Solenoid Type 202 Plastic Solenoid
Type 326 Plastic Pilot Solenoid Type 105 Plastic Solenoid
Type 332 Plastic Pilot Solenoid Type 205 Plastic Solenoid
Type 334 Plastic Pilot Solenoid Type 225 Plastic Solenoid
Type 336 Plastic Pilot Solenoid Return To Top Of Page

Intelligent Positioners

Type 1435 ePos Intelligent Positioner Type 1234 Programmable Electrical Position Indicator
Type 1436 cPos Intelligent Positioner Type 1434 μPos Intelligent Positioner
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Electrical Position Indicators

Type 1201 with microswitches Type 1205 ATEX with microswitches
Type 1214 with inductive proximity switches Type 1211 ATEX with inductive proximity switches
Type 1230 with microswitches Type 1215 ATEX one position
Type 1232 with inductive proximity switches Type 1231 ATEX with inductive proximity switches
Type 1235 with controlled programable microprocessor Type 4221 Combi Switch boxes
Type 1236 with controlled programable microprocessor Type 4222 Combi Switch boxes
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Limit Switches & Instrument Sensors

Type 1250 Flowmeter Limit Switch Type 1270 Flowmeter Sensor
Type 1251 Flowmeter Limit Switch Type 1271 Flowmeter Sensor
Type 1252 Flowmeter Limit Switch Type 1272 Flowmeter Sensor
Type 1256 Flowmeter Limit Switch Type 1273 Flowmeter Sensor
Type 1257 Flowmeter Limit Switch Return To Top Of Page

Pressure Gauges, Transmitters & Sensors

Type C30 Hydra-Gauge Pressure Gauge Type C32 Hydra-Dry Pressure Measurement Device
Type C31 Hydra-Sensor Pressure Transmitter Return To Top Of Page


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